Obeying the Great Commission around the globe is very important to our church family. Currently we are privileged to partner with 42 mission works throughout the world. Open Bible Baptist Church only supports missionaries, evangelists and other outreach ministries that are in agreement with our doctrinal statement and diligently strive to fulfill the Great Commission.

Mark & Linda Sigstad—Africa

Brian & Liesl George—Argentina

Rijn & Celeste Abrell—Australia

Ron & Laura Back—Australia

Andrew & Laura Steers—Australia

Robert & Rhoda Smith—Barbados

Xavier & Rebecca Lopez—Bolivia

Dan & Gerri Johnson—Brazil

David & Dawn Whitmore—Brazil

Walter & Suni Poole—Cambodia

Steven & Megan Frey—China

Ricardo & Maria Leyva—Cuba

Andres & Dora Amoros—Dominican Republic

Robert & Angela Tirado—Dominican Republic

Henry & Tammie Gonzalez—El Salvador

Mark & Cassandra Bachman—Eurasia

Micah & Abbie Christiansen—Ghana

Noel & Charlene Shrivnauth—Guyana

Gentile Ministry—Israel

Peter & Melody Morris—Kenya

Andy & Connie Ritchey—Kenya

Jack & Gloria Ferguson—Mexico

Michael & Lynnett Joseph—Papau New Guinea

Alfonso Gonzales—Philippines

Layne & Nelia Jones—Philippines

Stan & Kimberly Lawrensen—Philippines

Margaret Stringer—Retired

Gregg & Angela Schoof—Rwanda

Alonggot & Siripon Jomhong—Thailand

Paul & Miriam Coblentz—Amish

Anchor Character Training Center—Home for Troubled Teens

Warren & Jarylynn Storm—Keep the Buses Rolling

Fundamental Baptist Missions International—Mission Board

International World Wide Evangelism—Mission Board

Rock of Ages—Prison Ministry

Paul & Bridget Abbott—Evangelism

Oliver & Kim Araiza—Evangelism

Cliff & Charlotte Burwell—Evangelism

Tom & Jeannine Williams—Evangelism

Christian Law Association—Legal Ministry

Lighthouse Legal Ministry—Legal Ministry 

Elias & Robyn Correa—Wings Bearing Precious Seed Printing Ministry